New beginnings

HELLO! I cannot tell you how glad I am to open up my blog again. It’s been ages since I last posted, and no, I was not kidnapped by aliens. Sadly. I still remain on this messed up planet we call the Earth. So where was I, you ask? Trying to survive the biggest change I have ever experienced in my entire life. Changing schools.

Although I am aware that changing schools can hardly be classified as a life-changing event, it does have the power to make a whole new person out of you. Not that you’ll suddenly grow fangs or claws. (How cool would that be though? I could terrify everyone into becoming my friend) Not to worry, I did manage to make friends without resorting to extreme measures. I thought it would be useful to list some tips on how to avoid channelling Greg Heffley in your brand new school. Let’s go.

  1. Smile like the world is ending and it’s the only way to survive. Smile so much that people are slightly unnerved by you. I kid you not, this is exactly how I managed to give off a ‘I don’t bite’ vibe.
  2. Laugh easily and often. Not to be confused with smiling, laughing is a whole new ball game. Laugh when it’s awkward. Laugh when you’re not sure of what to do or say. Laugh at yourself. I felt so relaxed that I often forgot to stress about saying the right thing.
  3. GIVE THEM CANDY. Yes, I am advising you to resort to bribery. Nobody can resist a good old KitKat. And nobody can resist a person who gives you said KitKat.
  4. Finally, although this is such a cliché thing to say, try to be yourself. No use trying to pretend you have a British accent or something because trust me, they will find out. And they will never let you hear the end of it.

So there ya go! I am enjoying school (did just say that?) and I hope that the rest of the year is just as good for me and everyone else who is in school. Or anybody really! I hope every human being on Earth has an amazing year ahead. And on that positive note,



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