Travelling essentials!


I’m really excited because I’m going on vacation this month and I can’t wait to share my adventures with you.

I’ve just finished packing and it’s usually a pain because I forget so many little things that are actually really crucial.

So, here’s a list of travelling essentials that I hope will prove useful to you when you’re heading off on vacay (*insert picture of sunny beach here*)

  1. Chargers. What’s the point of a fancy ipod with the latest Ariana Grande album if it has zero battery?
  2. Makeup wipes. Let me tell you, racoon eyes look cute ONLY on racoons.
  3. Moisterizer. Your skin will thank you, I ย promise.
  4. A hat or a cap. I always always forget this! Very important to protect that head of yours because you only get one. (Unless you’re an Ogre, which I somehow doubt you are)
  5. Books or Movies depending on what you like. It’s always nice to occupy yourself on long flights. Or you could just sleep. Either way works.

Aaaand I cannot think of anymore ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’ll begin my travel diaries soon, so be sure to read those too!


Aditi xo


8 thoughts on “Travelling essentials!

  1. I agree with Tim and Joanne Joseph… And as I have a beauty blog, I can not help myself suggesting some beauty essentials..LOL
    Hair spray with a built in sunscreen- Wella Professionals Sun Protection Spray
    Clarifying Shampoo-Pantene Lively Clean
    Hand Sanitizer- Dettol
    Hair bands-Any Brand
    Open toe flats to name a few….

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