Adventures in Ootacamund

Hello world!

Yes, I am alive. Sorry I was MIA 😉

I got back from Ooty a while ago and I thought I would tell you all about my trip.

Ooty (AKA Ootacamund but who ever calls it that?) is a hill station that people escape to when the weather in Tamil Nadu begins to resemble a hot oven. And I mean HOT. I’m talking, 36 degrees or more.My family and I didn’t fancy being baked so we set off to Ooty via Coimbatore.

DISCLAIMER – Please don’t expect Ooty to be like an ice box. It’s 15-20 degrees at it’s best.

Okay so we stayed at The Fernhill Palace and honestly this place is seriously underestimated. It’s an actual palace that used to be the residence of the Mysore Maharaja. So you can expect lots of history, nostalgia and general old time-y feelings when you’re there. The palace now functions as a hotel so you can stay there and receive three meals a day. Pretty good eh? Ignore websites that tell you it’s haunted because I’ve stayed there ever since I was 5 and let me tell you that the only thing even slightly scary is a fat cat that demands milk from a saucer every day.

They have bicycles and since the whole place is huge you can totally pretend you’re part of an Enid Blyton book and go on mini adventures 😉

We also did tons of  fun stuff like going to The Annual Dog Show which was the cutest thing EVER and going on a creepy trek in the forest when it was pouring.

Bottom line- If you’re ever stuck planning your annual vacay, Ooty is such an amazing and fun place to go to ❤

Here’s a picture of the gorgeous place –



Aditi xo





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