The Jungle Book- Review

Hola amigos! I have no idea why I said that because I don’t speak Spanish and it has nothing to do with The Jungle Book. Anyway hi!

Yesterday I finally went to see The Jungle Book and I was super excited because it was in 3D. (Everything’s better in 3D) I had this vague idea it would be pretty much like the animated version- with elephants that are colonels, monkeys that are kings and a tiger by the name of Shere Khan, who seems to be a role model for all Bollywood villains these days.

I wasn’t completely wrong. The elephants were revered as royalty. The monkeys lived in a temple and treated a monster like ape  Gigantopithecus  called Louie as God. I think you have to know that Louie also behaves like an off duty gangster.

[from trailer]
King Louie: You’re the man-cub who wants to stay in the jungle.
Mowgli: How do you know that?
King Louie: Kid, I got ears. My ears got ears. Only I can protect you.

Still not terrified? Look at this.


Also about the tiger. I was wrong about that. Shere Khan is waaaay too articulate to be Bollywood villain. (P.S- You didn’t hear it from me)

Neel Sethi, who plays Mowgli deserves an Oscar. I mean it must have been hard (and creepy) to act with fictional co-stars.  “Baloo, isn’t it a nice morning? And Shere Khan, loving those stripes on you!” Plain. Weird.

The bear, Baloo reminds me of Homer Simpson. Obsessed with food and not a care in the world- I’m seriously thinking of adopting the bear life. Hey, with the way technology is developing you might be talking to Aditi the bear in a couple of years. Grrr.

the-jungle-book-official-trailer-2-7   e4d05db0-f1ad-0132-f0d6-0ed54733f8f5

Note the similarities.

Bagheera, the black panther is far and away my favourite character. It’s not every day you come across wise panthers, that look after little boys without the slightest urge to eat them. Boy, he must have nerves of steel.

On the whole, The Jungle Book is an amazing movie with animals behaving as if they should be dining with the Queen. The wolves have propaganda. There are Peace Truces and Laws Of The Jungle. Oh well, not every place can be as civilised as a Jungle. It IS a lot to ask for. Tee hee, only joking 😉

Au revoir! ( There I go again- speaking languages that have nothing to do with me)

Aditi xo



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