I’m ecstatic to be writing here again. The reason I couldn’t is because of the dreaded B word. That’s right- Boards. We’ve been warned and reminded about them ever since we were in Grade Six. Teachers would say, “You’ll be writing your Boards soon. It’s nothing like a regular exam. Better start working right now” and we would blink up at them, not really understanding what it all meant. Well, we found out soon enough. This year we were all faced with the terror of the Grade 10 Board Exams. 

Something people never tell you about the Boards is that the exam itself is really not that bad. The months before the exam? Those are the absolute worst. Countless mock tests, revisions, missed field trips, no P.T – we’ve seen it all. Seniors would say it’s no big deal. Teachers would say it’s a huge deal that’ll decide our future. Parents would say just do your best but what that really means is GET GOOD MARKS.  Tuition teachers would look ill with worry. Your pets would wonder why you spent so long cooped up in a room. As the tension builds up, you’ll consider running away to Timbuktu. 

Finally the day arrives. You’ll wake up early, feeling jittery all over. The family would gather around to watch you eat your breakfast. You’ll rush to school and be even more jittery with your friends. You’ll enter the hall. The examiner will give you a smile and you’ll think it’s all a scheme. The ominous rustling of the papers will make you want to throw up. You’ll line up your pens painstakingly. When you are handed the paper, you’ll feel dizzy and then you’ll realise that hey, I can do this! Within no time, you’ll be done and that’s when all your fears will disappear. You’ll be fine. Boards ARE regular exams with a fancy name. That’s all.

Love from,

Someone who is officially done with Boards and is on summer vacation 🙂 

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