Resolutions – 2016

It’s the first day of 2016, making this my first blog post of the year! If that isn’t worth celebrating then I don’t know what is. New year = new resolutions. Resolutions that I will hopefully keep this time 😉 Here goes. I resolve to,

1) Write 2016 instead of 2015

2) Eat scrummy things immediately and not wait until after dinner. (Live life in the present and all that) 

3) Spend more time playing with my dogs. 

4) Get some excercise. (Luckily this can be combined  with #3) 

5) Never stress about things that can’t be changed. Like the fact that public exams are coming. Yes, they are and there’s absolutely NO point in panicking because tough luck, you have to do them anyway. 

6) Dance around in my room to One Direction for 5 minutes a day. (Counts as #4) 

7) Write this blog at least once a week. 
And that’s that! I’m sure I can follow them because they are fun and not boring like I’ll get up early everyday etc etc 😉 

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