Happy New Year!

I’m feeling pretty great right now because I just got back from watching Dilwale which is such a feel good movie ❤ Even though it isn’t liked by many, I think it’s really funny and cute! So great start to the year right there 🙂 2015 passed by before I could even blink. I’ve just gotten used to writing 2015 with the date and what do you know? Hello 2016 😒

Not that I don’t like New Years. The way I say it with capitials should be enough to tell you that I LOVE New Years! They’re like a fresh page, a new beginning. A chance to forget the mistakes you’ve made and start afresh. Brand new calenders, with 12 whole months to look forward to! Surviving the summer, relishing the monsoon, hoping for the temperature to drop so we can say it’s winter – I cannot wait to experience it all! Suffice to say that I will be waiting with bated breath until the clock strikes 12 😜 

I want to make a list of resolutions (that aren’t impossible) this year so I’ll upload that tomorrow. 

See you next year!


Aditi xo

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