Hi! Yes, I know it’s been ages since I last put up a blog post – the reason is because my internet is playing up and it’s really slow so I couldn’t 😦

So, my birthday is in 6 days ( see how I subtly mentioned that 😉 ) and I’m so excited! For me, birthdays are a HUGE deal- whether it’s my best friend’s, my dad’s or my dog’s. Very often, I see people with birthdays coming up and I’m all like YAY! Your birthday is coming! And 7 out of 10 times, they will say “Oh really? Yeah I suppose it is. Haha”, which then leaves me blinking in astonishment. I mean, why do people do that? What ISN’T exciting about birthdays? A whole new year, a whole new age, tons of people sending love your way- yeah, sounds terrible.  (I’m being sarcastic. Of course it’s not terrible!)

I’ve been wondering- do people downplay their birthdays because they think it’s the mature thing to do? If so, that’s reallyyyyy silly, because being mature doesn’t mean not getting excited. God no. Excitement, anticipation, being hyper etc aren’t feelings one can grow out of. At least I hope not! I should hate to reach an age where I have zero interest in birthdays. I’m sure there are  people who have been told, “You’re too old to celebrate your birthday now”, and that’s such rubbish because birthdays were created for celebrations! ( I made that up- but what other reason is there?) So, if you’re 18 break out the balloons and streamers and if you’re 80? Break out double the amount!


Aditi xo

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