To trust or not to trust?

Hi there! So last week, I was reading a book called Sad Cypress by Agatha Christie. She is my absolute favourite author (she writes mainly murder mysteries) and I adore all her books. The reason is because her books are never ever boring. Not on your life. You know those books that start out really thrillingly and then the ending is absolute rubbish? Well Agatha’s books are the total opposite. There’s often a murder on the very first page!

Which brings me back to the book I read recently. It’s a pretty standard book that starts with a court hearing and the suspected murderess is on trial. The detective on the case is convinced she didn’t do it. There are a variety of suspects from an heiress to a doctor . There are also many friendly souls, like the comfortable looking Nurse Hopkins who always has a kind word for everyone. As the book went on, I  was quite convinced that the doctor, who appeared quite shady ,was the culprit. However, I was horrified to find out that the murder of the old lady was done by none other than NURSE HOPKINS! (So sorry to spoil the book for you) This is what I hate about Agatha Christie- she destroys the trust you have placed in a certain character.

I’m always terrified, not by the murders themselves, but by the people who commit the crime. It’s always the last person I suspect, old ladies, kindly nurses, even policemen. Isn’t that messed up? That you can’t even trust a policeman in an Agatha Christie. I guess it teaches you to be wary but too much wariness can destroy your trust in everyone.  I think it is pretty sad, to be looking at every single person with suspicion.  Sometimes, you have to believe in people, whole heartedly, in a way that Agatha never did. While the mysteries are totally excellent, the psychology of her books is very disturbing. And MIND BLOWING.   So, do read her books but don’t go assuming that your nice neighbour is secretly a murderer 😉


Aditi xo


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