Food For Thought

So I’d like it to be known that I am a hard core foodie. I love food. Maybe not all types, but I enjoy a good variety 🙂 My thoughts during the day always include food- food I’m going to eat, food I ate, FOOD FOOD FOOD. (Disclaimer- I’m not a glutton, just a self confessed foodoholic 😉 )

Being so food obsessed, it was only natural that the first blog I start would be about food. I did have a blog called , where all the posts were purely on food. I don’t update that anymore but there was one post that I want to share here. It’s called Ordinary With A Little Extra and I hope you like it!

Don’t you love days when something lovely happens, and it becomes extraordinary?
I shall tell you what exactly gives my day that little burst of happiness 🙂
When someone gives you a big jar of Nutella, your mum gets you cookies, your pizza is delivered superfast, you find Rs.15 in your schoolbag-just enough to buy an egg puff, you succeed in making the perfect cup of coffee, your friend randomly brings cake for you, a cup of hot chocolate just before bed, sharing a biscuit with your dogs, stuffing your face when you are hungry, tucking into hot things on a cold day, tucking into cold things on a hot day and finally being lucky enough to go to bed with a full stomach ❤
And I just realised that everything involves food 😂
Oh well! Write about what makes you happy – that’s my motto. No actually my motto is never feel ashamed to be a foodoholic  😉


Aditi xo

Ps- is still open. so you can check it out if you want 🙂


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