Trending this November…

Hey! So, I love music and it occurred to me that every month, I miss out on hearing some amazing songs because I wasn’t aware that they existed.  I usually end up hearing a hit song months after its release and then realising that I could have heard it ages ago :/ Then I thought that maybe I’m not the only one facing such an outrageous problem. There must be tons of people out there who don’t have the time (or are just lazy like me!) to constantly be checking out new releases. So being the saint that I am 😉 , I am going to upload a list of the top ten songs that are trending this month so you can be up to date. (They are a mix of English, Tamil and Hindi and are in no particular order)

  1. What a Feeling – One Direction. Now, even if you hate One Direction, I recommend that you listen to this song because its really catchy and the tune is just wow. It has the Aditi seal of approval so I promise you will not regret it 😉
  2. I’ll Show You- Justin Bieber. Again, really catchy and kinda motivational too.
  3. Hello- Adele. Deep, deep , DEEP song that has really powerful vocals that can make you feel strong.
  4. Matarghasti- Tamasha. I heard this because of my best friend, and its such an upbeat song! All the love.
  5. Kannaane Kanne – Its really melodious and a pleasure to listen to at any time of the day ❤
  6. Gulaabo- Shaandaar. SO MUCH FUN! Guaranteed to make you dance around while getting ready.
  7. Better When I’m Dancin’ – Meghan Trainor. Okay its from the peanuts movie but its really really REALLY good!
  8. Mazhaikkulle – Mellisai. Shreya Goshal’s voice is so breathtaking that you can’t help putting it on repeat.
  9. Me & the Rhythm – Selena Gomez. Perfect for car rides so you can SING ALL THE WAYYY.
  10. End of the Day – One Direction. I couldn’t resist adding this 🙂 Its an incredible song that has a astounding beat.

So there it is! Top ten songs this November, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did 🙂


Aditi xo



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