No one is born evil.

 Ever watched The Lion King? Its a kid’s movie and pretty well known. Its also my favourite disney movie of all time! The characters are super cute and are always prancing around the savannah singing cheery songs about becoming kings with no worries. Except for one. Scar. (cue menacing music)

Scar is Mufasa’s brother. Mufasa is the king. Rightfully so, because he is the older lion. Scar has shelter and plenty of food to eat- he isn’t badly treated. Then why on earth is Scar so evil? Why does he sit in the dark, planning murder?  Why is it so important to kill his brother? Why does he hate his little nephew Simba? I used to think he’s “just evil”, but that’s rubbish because no one is ever born evil. Can you imagine evil babies? Funny thought but they don’t exist. (Apart from Omen :P)  So what makes people evil? Certainly not their genetics. Its because something made them that way. 

Something or someone can influence a person, making them think ugly thoughts and do ugly things. Take pretty much any disney villain. Ursula from The Little Mermaid. WHY is she so keen to take away Ariel’s voice?  What made her that way? Filled with hate and resentment. Could Ariel’s parents have done something wicked to her? Probably.

So keep in mind that nobody on earth is born wicked or horrible. A mean person can have a very sad flashback that has impacted their character. There’s always a reason for wickedness. Always.


Aditi xo

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