The festival of lights

Hey there 🙂

I have enjoyed the last couple of days immensely because they were completely and utterly devoted to celebrating a festival that is guaranteed to bring joy and tons of love. Diwali is more than just bursting crackers. Much more. It’s about meeting your loved ones, prayer, laughter, dressing up to the nines and having the best time of your life. 

I personally adore the feeling when you’re all dressed up, with your hair looking nice and someone comes up to you, with a look of pure delight on their face to tell you that you look lovely. That pureness – nothing could be more genuine than that. I find that returning the compliment and watching the look of happiness on their face can make you feel like you could burst with ecstasy and feel really really good inside.

I also love sparklers because they aren’t loud (I hate loud noises) and they look really pretty. Standing in the dark with sparklers and watching everyone’s face glow makes me feel like I’m in an alternate magical universe where nothing bad can ever happen. I feel safe, just basking in the glow.

Eating yummy food,  dancing with friends to peppy songs, candles everywhere and watching the skies light up with a hundred different colours – these are memories that I will always carry with me to keep me warm and at peace ❤ 

Happy Diwali! 

Aditi xo

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