Stop Stereotyping.


Everyone knows that one outgoing, energetic, full of fun person who always has something to say. But what if that person was as meek as a mouse at home? Here’s another example. We all know that really quiet, shy girl who is the replica of a rabbit. But what if, her inner lion is let out when she does what she loves? Take Labradors for instance. Large as giants but timid as lambs. Huge teeth that never bite and claws that never scratch.

 We have no way of judging someone based on what they “seem”. Everyone has a different story- some may open up to complete strangers and others might be more comfortable talking only to their near and dear ones. 

I know I hate it when people term me as shy – when they’ve only just met me, because I really am not. I just need a little time to warm up  and then you’ll be wondering why I never shut up 😉 Likewise, I bet people who are outgoing don’t really like being called loud all the time. They may have their quiet moments and not want to talk at all. Nobody on this planet should ever be stereotyped as silly, quiet, loud and so on. They may be the polar opposite when you’re not around- you never know!

So, that really quiet girl you know from school? Chances are, she can roar much louder than you 😉


Aditi xo  

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