LOL :)

Hey there!

You know that moment when something strikes you as funny, and you just let loose with an explosive roar of laughter that fills the room? Then the next moment, people around you begin to laugh even if they don’t know what the joke is – just because they find your laugh funny. Aren’t these moments the best? Just a group of people – young or old, laughing together.

There’s also another kind of situation – when someone does not want to laugh because they are angry, and you do your best to put a little smile on their face and then you see it! The corners of their mouth lifting reluctantly, a chuckle and then full-blown, rumbling laughter.

Sometimes my friends and I start laughing for no reason at all and the sight of your friend with their eyes closed, laughing deeply, clutching their stomach is bound to send you into peals and peals of laughter. This is not always favourable, especially during class when the teacher is glaring daggers at you 😉

When you’re feeling blue, my advice is to call a bunch of your friends or turn on the tv to an especially hilarious program (breaking out some chocolate is also a good idea at this point) and laugh your head off. I promise you will feel miles better and ready to take on the world!


Aditi xo

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