Magic not logic


I went to see a show called The Mentalist yesterday. It’s a magic show by Nicolai Friedrich, who is one of the best magicians in the world – his tricks really make even the skeptics blink in astonishment. He made tables fly, objects come alive and read people’s minds. However, throughout the show I heard a few remarks about how these shows are all illusions and we mustn’t be taken in. I tried to ignore these voices, but I began to doubt it too. I wondered if it was all a scam – whether it was all just a mere trick. I believe in magic – always have, always will. But I realised that nearly everyone in the world refuses to believe that magic exists. Maybe if we all were a little more believing and a little less “logical” , we could be happy. Really really happy. Magic doesn’t have to be just out of the world performances- it can be the way flowers bloom,  the colour of butterflies, how rainbows are formed , caterpillars turning into butterflies, the first laugh of a baby and so much more. It’s all very well to term this as “science” but where’s the fun in that? Where’s the joy? The world could become much more innocent than it is, if we all just believe. (Btw- I’m not peter pan, reborn :P)  Keep it simple and the next time you witness a trick, don’t question it. Just believe.


Aditi xo 

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