Selfies- yay or nay?

Good morning!

Everyday, I think I take an average of 5 selfies  (if not more) Selfies of myself, selfies of myself and my dog, selfies of myself and a cup of hot chocolate and on and on. When I go to the mall, all I see is groups of youngsters clicking away while grinning manically. Why,when my friends and I went to the beach recently we spent a good 20 mins just taking pictures, instead of feeling the waves and the wind. And that’s when alarm bells began to ring. Are selfies overtaking our lives completely? Or should we just try to strike a balance?

Now,  I love the idea of selfies- the way everyone gets included in a picture, and the way you smush your face up close to get in the frame. What I don’t love is the way selfies are beginning to control our very existence. Going to a wedding? Forget having fun, I’m going to stay in this corner where the lighting is good, to get the perfect angle. 

There’s a very catchy song called ‘But first lemme take a selfie’, where the lyrics involve 2 girls talking about their problems and then saying forget all that, lets take a selfie first! I mean, c’mon! Lets look up from our screens and take a look at the world around us. Take time to stop and smell the roses. Don’t let an inferior 6 letter word rule your life. 


Aditi xo 

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